Urine Trouble



This is just a quick update to keep everyone informed on the latest. I promise not to post every medical intervention that comes our way, but Susan made a couple of videos that she wants to share.

Several days ago she started having the all-to-common signs of a kidney infection. Extreme fatigue, agonizing back pain, and, ultimately, vomiting. Having open wounds on your back with tubes sticking out to drain your kidneys invites infection, so off to the emergency room we went to take care of this latest renal malady. (What’s the point in having kidneys if they’re just going to get infected all the time? I mean, we’ve had a reverse osmosis filter for our water for years that performs essentially the same function as a kidney and has it ever had an infection? Stupid kidneys.)

We arrived around 11:00 am, and Susan figured she’d be out by lunch time. Delusional. That was Thursday. They’re keeping her there until at least Monday. So I’ll let her take it from here.

So…I’m not sure what’s going on with the formatting of these videos – they look pretty strange on the post but they work nonetheless, and it’s too late and I’m too tired to fight with this right now. Susan also wanted to post some glamour closeups of her skin, so here you go.



Yeah, it’s pretty bad. It’s like she’s being burned from the inside. Which, I suppose, she is. This woman is strong as hell but right now her skin looks like that of a 90 year-old woman who spent her summers supine on the beach slathered in olive oil and her winters baking in a tanning bed.

Anyway, now that the infection is being taken care of and the pain (well, that particular pain anyway) is passing, she’s in pretty good spirits. Thanks for joining us, and we’ll talk to you soon.


  1. Susan, You are an incredibly strong and beautiful woman. Sharing your story is truly courageous and I am keeping you and your beautiful family in my prayers.


  2. Dear Susan, thank you for sharing your story. You must be going through hell and I admire you for your strength. I wrote already to Matthew about the treatment I have received and how it helped me with minimum toxicity. We have different cancers but maybe it would help a bit. Please let me know what I can do for you and feel free to call me any time. xxx Nina 654755965


  3. Hey Susan, you are such a strong person to go through all that you are and then extend yourself to share your journey with us. With your skin reaction and all, your beauty is striking. Sun-kissed and radiant. You speak with such confidence and clarity (as always). You’re an inspirational person. All my love coming to you with this message. I think of you. Love Liza x


  4. Hey Susan

    It’s so good to see you and hear your voice. I miss that calm and the quirky humor. Your photos are raw and beautiful. Here’s hoping you got home and the antibiotics are doing their job.


  5. Hi Susan, so late to this update but wanted to thank you for updating us via video, it’s so lovely to hear your voice and see your face (I always get so excited in our meditations when your face comes up). It sounds so painful, with the skin plus kidneys. Love you


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